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Hot Cases are specifically designed to hold Hot Wheels® die-cast vehicles in their original blister pack. Made from durable semi-clear polypropylene plastic which allows you to see inside. With a tight fitting lid the keep out the worst of bugs, moisture and dust. They also organize your collection and you have easy access to your cars.

Hot Cases are stackable and nest into each other. The overall dimensions are 16" x 15-7/8" x 4-3/4" tall. Our cases are strong and ridged. Don’t worry about stacking them to high. The design of the box transfers the weight to the floor while maximizing your space. As shown in this picture the cardboard boxes are holding 360 cars compared to the Hot Cases storage boxes, which are holding up to 540 cars in the same amount of space. There are handles on two sides for easy lifting.


Think of Hot Cases as a giant protector pack for 90 Hot Wheels. Each Hot Case will hold up to 90 cars depending on the size of the blister. There are two permanent ribs that divide the box into three sections. Each section holds 3 rows of 9 cars, once the section is filled the cars will not slide or move into the rest of the box.

Maximize your case. To fit the most blisters possible per row follow the diagram to the left.

The cars stack on their sides so you can see everything inside. The removable lid fits tightly on all sides so it is difficult for water, dust and insects to get in. Hot Cases are made of an acid free polypropylene plastic similar to standard storage boxes found at major retailers.

If you like Kar Keepers® they fit nicely also. 21 Kar Keepers® will fit in one Hot Case.