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We have three designs of inserts. The Original, Redlines, Large Scale. All inserts are made from polyester foam, a standard in the packaging industry. The chemical make up of polyester does not contain any acid that could be harmful to finishes. In fact acid is what decomposes the foam. The glue used to bond the two pieces of
foam is hot glue melt.
Do not put customized cars in any foam product for a minimum of 90 days.
All paint needs to gas out and fully cure, as per manufacturers instructions.

Our inserts are die cut to fit a variety of popular cars in the 1/64 and 1/50 scale car sizes. The cavities change in size both width and height. Each insert will hold twelve cars. Nine inserts (3 layers) will fit within one Hot Case; this totals 108 cars in one Hot Case.
The Large Scale inserts hold 8 cars per insert. Six inserts (2layers) per Hot Case

Original Insert
Redline Insert
Large Scale Insert


Our Original Insert fits a variety of cars, for example the largest cavity (first column, third row) will fit a Dairy Delivery or VW Drag Bus. The cavities range in size increasing in size from top to bottom and right to left.

On our Redlines Insert we eliminated the larger row of cavities and replaced it with a second row of thin cavity to better the fit for a majority of redlines. We also added an arch in the middle to better hold the cars without pinching the axles.

On our Large Scale Insert is design for the diecast models that are wider and longer than the usual production castings. Don't be fooled by the Drag Bus shape, Other vehicles will fit.
8 cavities per insert, 6 inserts per Hot Case. 48 cars



Redlines Insert arch helps two ways, A: The foam pinches the chassy not the axles. B: When removing the car from the cavity the wheels will not have pressure on them causing the wheels to pop off.