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Hot Cases Storage for Hot Wheels and loose 1:64 Scale Cars!

To all our customers for the past 12 years.

We would like to inform all of you of the robbery that is being committed by Fedex and UPS.
This year Fedex and UPS (and USPS contracts with UPS) have adopted a new rate plan for 2015. Dimensional weight pricing, a 4.9% increase. "Except for a very small amount of businesses that will be adversely effected by the changes" Our Rep tells us. Well, our prices jumped 200%.

A package of 4 Hot Cases last year shipped generally for $16.00. This year around $30-34.00 . Now at these prices we cannot expect you to accept their price increase. We understand. Our personal opinion is that this policy will slowly put us out of business.
If you do purchase from us we will include a copy of our billing charges for your order so you can see for yourself. We will refund all overcharges of shipping.

We also expect you to refuse the package or notify us if the slightest of damage occurs from shipping. They will be replaced.
Below are some rate examples. You can check for yourself.
Shipped from: Eagle, ID 83616, Package 16"x16"x16" at 12 lbs Residential
                             UPS Rate Calculator                    Fedex Rate Calculator

Zip Code, State

2013-2014 Rate 2015 Rate The so called 4.9%
32254 FL 17.26 33.50 194%
14870 NY 17.07 36.69 215%
30277 GA 17.34 33.50 193%
08043 NJ 16.97 33.09 195%
18966 PA 17.17 33.06 193%
78613 TX 13.87 21.50 155%

Email us and we will give you an exact quote on the shipping.

Hot Cases are the only storage containers made exclusively to store Hot Wheels® in the original blister pack. With our specially designed foam inserts, Hot Cases are the best way to store your loose cars too. You have the best cars for your collection so, store them in the best containers. Hot Cases are the best way to keep your collection clean, safe and organized. Cases available in Original Clear, UV Black..

Stack your Collection Safely.